3 perfect tactics for each football game situation

October 23, 2019 • by Scout4winners

The most used formation in in-game situations and the best way to win. Get to know the perfect tactics for each football game.

What tactics should i use? Should i play more in defense or attack? How can i win a game with only ten men on the field? These are common questions that football coaches face before, during and after a game. Scout4Winners will help you trying to figure out what’s the best tactic that suits your team, explaining the perfect tactics for each football game situation:

The perfect tactics: 4-4-2

Ernesto Valverde exposes Barcelona to the classic 4-4-2, though with many variants

One of the oldest formations of the game is the 4-4-2 formation, associated commonly with English football teams. To set a 4-4-2 formation nowadays, you need to be in a football club with big “ambitions” that wants to win everything (or at least try). It’s characterized to be an offensive mindset formation, lacking on the possession, with some verticality and with a box-to-box mindset.

4-4-2 is easy to understand and implement, but it does lack the complexity and more sophisticated passing lanes/angles offered by more modern, forward-thinking systems. You have to have two dedicated and strong strikers, meaning that they need to adapt well in every in-game situation, such as high pressing, hard tackling and rough field.

The 4-4-2 can be played as flat (4 midfielders in line) or in a diamond (1 defensive midfielder and 1 attacking midfielder), famous by Johan Cruyff, that helps you stabilizing your team and attacking more on the lines, rather on the middle of the field.

The perfect tactics: 4-3-3

Maurizio Sarri uses 4-3-3 verticality as the perfect tactic for the toughest football games

It benefits teams made up of players who are incredibly skilled passers of the ball, or talented dribblers, allowing them to express themselves within a system that prioritizes intelligent ball movement.

One of the strengths is that your team will have a strong 5 at the front, allowing your defenders to adjust to the team’s positioning and defend the back space more successfully

The key to this formation are the wide forwards, that need to be skillful. These players are all-round attacking players with pace and shooting ability, who use their speed on the wings before cutting in towards goal. The one striker himself is target man for the opposite defense, but we should mainly drop deep to drag defenders away and leave space for the wide forwards, called the ´False 9´. With a compact central midfield, the full-backs can also join the attack and use huge amounts of space due to the high positioning of the wide forwards.

The perfect tactics: 4-2-3-1

Japan have surprised many so far at World Cup 2018,
when applying the 4-2-3-1 tactic

Most the clubs adopted this formation, in a variation of the 4-5-1 or the 4-4-2 formation. It’s the right system for a more seemingly game, if you want to play at defense and attack, during the game, and not just one type of mindset.

Football is made by “small triangles, which means, two pass lines for each player with possession. With this formation, it’s easier to always have that triangle, because the players are more compact and closer to each other.

It’s also difficult to become overrun in midfield using a 4-2-3-1 given that there’s great flexibility when it comes to the advanced players being able to drop into deep wide or central areas. Further, the number of potential attacking players means that it’s possible for one of these players to drop deeper without losing your offensive mindset.

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