About Us

Passionate about football since our childhood, our dream was, as many others to become a professional footballer.

The desire to play and win were there and well present but insufficient to get to the top. It is after years of training and exhaustion that we realized that it should be easier to be noticed by big clubs and to show your his talent to football world!

It is from this idea that Scout4winners was born! The experience we have gained adding to the new technologies gives a new dimension to the scout area players. We have created not only a platform that allow  young players to be visible but also a common place to speak about football and watch videos.

It’s definitely a small step for football but a big step for the player! We want to give an opportunity to those want to show their abilities and true potential… Opportunity to help others to achieve their dreams!

We are happy and excited to announce to our community and friends that from now on we will be supporting DIVINE SOCCER ACADEMY OF MASAKA, in Uganda, Africa, to achieve their goals mainly building their new and improved school. Learn more at DivineSocccerMinistry

More news and ways to support this amazing project coming soon.

For all football’s fans, welcome to Scout4Winners!

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