The efficiency of a good football scout network and controlled investment

October 23, 2019 • by Scout4winners

A quality football scout network can be decisive to the success of a football club in a financial and competitive way

The growth of football over the years has brought greater professionalization of the king sport and the consequent monetary value associated with it. The profession of football scout network, a person who is actively engaged in prospecting for players, has also become indispensable for the recruitment of new football talents.

This gave football a very important business model to fill the financial and large investments made by clubs, year after year. Thus, clubs have been obliged to create such departments – these specialized professionals in this area must be related to the sports director and technical team, so that the choices meet the philosophy of the coach, the club and the club. strategy for the future.

What is a player scouting department?

First of all, football scout need to know what they are looking for: if they are looking for position (goalkeeper, right back, offensive midfielder, etc …), a talent for the future entering the club’s gym).

These needs should reach a consensus between the scout, sports director and football coach. This is because the analysis must be made according to several basic principles: the budget that can be made to contract the prodigy, the type of player that the “mister” needs to advance to his hiring, among other molds of important relevance.

The so-called “big” clubs have a financial capacity that allows them to make a more thoughtful exploration of young (and perhaps international) talents for their training academies.

Football scouts network from smaller clubs are limited to analyzing their local area and, at the most, watching players from their own country.

It is therefore very important to know in detail which player is important to detect and study it to the fullest. This will reduce costs and save you time in watching games that probably will not give you anything new.

Football scouts have the opportunity to identify talent, management and recruitment strategies as well as the influence of new technologies on the sporting environment.

football scout network
Raiola is a Balotelli agent witch one of the most influential football scout network

The new technologies in Scouting

Identifying talents is not as easy as it may seem. Football scouts are required to know everything about the player, both on and off the field.

Especially at younger ages, in addition to t

he physical aspect and quality of the player technically, it is also necessary how it works psychologically itself: whether it deals well with pressure, whether it is anxious, whether it is determined, whether it works well as a team or is more individualistic . All these factors are indispensable to have a favorable or unfavorable final report of a player.

Nowadays a football scout network is not based on watching the games live. The new technologies make the scout gain time in player analysis as well as greater ease of presenting player X’s talent to the coach as well as the direction of the club.

Video is a way of captivating potential stakeholders, of which it functions almost like marketing. As a rule, a Scout also knows how to work with video editing tools to show the maximum potential of the players within minutes.

At Scout4Winners it is this potentiality of the video that we want to explore: this way players will have all their talent available to the platform, coaches will be able to instantly look for the type of players they need and the scouting will be able to search or search for players for your club.

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